You are currently viewing #AstoriaOfFlavors: A Guide to Astoria’s Must-Try Gourmet Lines

#AstoriaOfFlavors: A Guide to Astoria’s Must-Try Gourmet Lines

Astoria Hotel and Resorts is renowned for its exceptional hospitality services all over the country. However, Astoria Hotels and Resorts is not only patronized for its hospitality but also for its world-class selection of gourmet offerings that cater to even the most refined palates. Astoria Gourmet Take-Aways, Minami Saki By Astoria, TMI.Tea.Milk.Inspiration., and Banquet in a Box are among their gourmet lines that will surely sate your hunger and thirst. There is no need to resist your cravings because with the convenience of ordering food online, and Pasig food delivery, you can now enjoy the delightful specialties from Astoria’s gourmet lines right in the comforts of your own home. Let’s dig in!

Astoria Gourmet Take-aways (AGTA) 

Astoria Gourmet Take-aways (AGTA) offers a wide range of food choices that are sure to captivate your taste buds. From Filipino favorites such as pancit, shanghai, and bibingkas to world-class fusions like Chap Chae & Korean Chicken Wings and Yaki Udon & Gyoza, you will keep coming back for more! Yes, they also offer pastries and cakes! One of their famous pastry is the Astoria Triple Bibingcake which showcases the creativity of combining traditional Filipino ingredients into one delightful treat. Topped with salted eggs, ube halaya (purple yam jam), and bits of leche flan (caramel custard), the Astoria Triple Bibingcake offers a harmonious balance of flavors in every bite.

Minami Saki By Astoria

From a variety of Filipino favorites, let us bring authentic Japanese cuisine to your plate this time with Minami Saki By Astoria! Minami Saki By Astoria features a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes that are meticulously prepared using high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic dining experience. Aside from sushi, sashimi, noodles, and rice bowls, they also offer delectable desserts like Japanese Mochi and Japanese Cheesecake. On top of these mentioned creations, most people keep coming back to experience the classic Sushi Boat. With this, you can pick your favorite sushi and sashimi dishes in a boat and experience the Land of the Rising Sun like a true Japanese local! 

Banquet in a Box (BIAB)

If you find yourself torn between various food cravings, Banquet in a Box (BIAB) is the answer! BIAB offers diverse menu options — the Premium Menu, the Deluxe Menu, and the Standard Menu. BIAB has a wide range selection of hearty dishes like beef, pork, and chicken, as well as nutritious vegetables. Whether you’re in the mood for hearty meat-based dishes or prefer light vegetable meals, BIAB has got you covered! 

TMI.Tea.Milk.Inspiration. (TMI)

Of course, the perfect ender for #AstoriaOfFlavors is our delightful drinks from TMI.Tea.Milk,Inspiration.! Who doesn’t want milk tea, right? TMI’s delicious refreshments truly complement everyone’s gastronomic full-course experience. You don’t have to find the best TMI drinks in any other place, because TMI’s wide selection of milk tea concoctions can be ordered from Astoria restaurants! From classic tastes to exciting flavors like cheesecake, strawberry, and matcha, whatever flavor you’re craving, TMI is sure to please you with its complete selection.

The convenience of Pasig food delivery services makes it even easier to enjoy Astoria’s offerings. You can simply rely on Astoria’s food delivery services to bring your delicious masterpieces right to your doorsteps. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or anywhere in the metro, you can enjoy their satisfyingly delicious meals and drinks without having to worry about cooking or going out. 

Your cravings are kicking in now? Satisfy your taste buds and continue to explore the endless flavors that Astoria has to offer! Visit us at or call us at (+632) 5335 1158 & (+63) 908 872 7964

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