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Banquet in a Box: The New Way of Preparing Your Menu

Are you longing to make your intimate wedding reception extravagant but can’t seem to find the best value-for-money catering service in Manila? Or perhaps you would like to surprise your loved one with a luxury picnic for their birthday celebration. For all one knows, you are desperate to impress your boss for an upcoming corporate meeting and the food must be phenomenal! Brush it up with Astoria’s Banquet in a Box, a sophisticated gourmet series for New Normal festivities.

We’ve heard of graze boxes and gourmet take-aways in Metro Manila, but how exactly is Astoria’s Banquet in a Box different? Well first, it’s the best, but let’s dive in deeper.


Step in a wide array of indulgent flavors made only with fine ingredients by Astoria’s top-notch chefs. With Astoria’s 2 decades of culinary and hospitality experience, you are guaranteed to receive a delightful and luxurious food experience.


Long before the pandemic, Astoria has made hygiene and safety a priority. All staff are subject to rapid tests, and required to wear face masks, acetate face shields, and gloves. Moreover, state-of-the-art equipment is used to clean the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick from what you eat. (Big plus!)


If you are craving for gobble-worthy food but tired of the one-size-fits-all menus, patrons can choose from a variety of homage dishes and customize their own set of appetizers, main course platters, sides, desserts, and drinks.


“Baka naman ang mahal?” (“Maybe it is too expensive?”) Admit it or not, we’ve probably said this at least once in our lives. With Astoria’s Banquet in a Box, there’s a meal plan for every budget. Three sets have been carefully crafted to meet your requirements: The Premium Menu (P1200), Deluxe Menu (P800), and Standard Menu (P500).

With Banquet in a Box, you can celebrate those momentous occasions worry-free. Ready to level-up your food game? Discover more about Astoria’s gourmet food delivery in Metro Manila via our website:!