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5 Reasons Why Banquet in a Box Should be Part of Your Celebration

Organizing special events such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, or family reunions has always been fascinating and exciting. However, it can also be stressful as you must consider all aspects to make your event successful, most especially the food that you will serve to your guests. If you’re looking for the best and most reliable catering service in Manila, Astoria’s Banquet in a Box is here to save you from the hassle in these trying times! 

Banquet in a Box is tastefully crafted to cater to your New Normal event needs. It offers a full creative set of gourmet meals placed in individual portion packages that are meticulously sealed to ensure food safety and sanitation. We listed down the 5 main reasons why it should be a part of your celebration. 

It offers a wide selection of sumptuous meals.

One of the best things about choosing Banquet in a Box for your most-awaited New Normal gathering is that you have a vast array of delectable dishes to choose from our Premium, Deluxe, and Standard gourmet lines. Yes, you have the freedom to customize and select your preferred combinations of food that are perfect for the feast!

It saves you a lot of time and effort.

Planning your event can already be exhausting and time-consuming. What more if you would also be the one in charge of cooking and food preparation? Do not worry! With Banquet in a Box, the only task that you will have to do is choosing the right mix of dishes and desserts for your momentous occasion. Once you have finalized your picks, we will then deliver the food straight to your venue. What a worry-free celebration, right?

It provides good value for money.

Aside from the delicious taste of each dish from the premium corporate gourmet takeaways in Metro Manila, Banquet in a Box is also worth every cent. Whether you want a simple or grandiose event, you are sure to achieve the ideal set of epicurean cuisine according to your budget and guests’ preference.

Your guests will be impressed with unique, safe, and quality dishes.

We all dream about planning the perfect celebration where your family and friends will only recall how fantastic it was even for the following years to come, right? Banquet in a Box will surely not disappoint with its unique and sumptuous food offerings. Carefully crafted by our meticulous chefs, we assure you that everything is of high quality and is sure to satiate your loved ones’ cravings. Give your guests the ultimate gastronomic experience that they deserve and no doubt, they will enjoy and cherish every moment during your New Normal occasion.

You will experience that much-needed convenience in the New Normal.

The challenge in preparing the necessary supplies for your event just got doubled, given that most venues are temporarily closed, and coordination with suppliers is done virtually due to the pandemic outbreak. Who wouldn’t want convenience, right? This is why you are going to love Banquet in a Box! Just by searching “Astoria Plaza – Ortigas” through the GrabFood app or website, you may easily order it under GrabFood Catering!

What are you waiting for? Make every celebration worth remembering with Banquet in a Box!

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