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Warm Astoria Desserts to Lift Those Spirits Up!

The most anticipated season of the year is finally here! You know that it is already the Christmas season once your neighbors have put up those giant Christmas trees and added those beautiful decorations with colorful lights inside and outside their houses. Aside from that, the weather starts to get very cold, and this kind of cool atmosphere will surely make you feel drowsy while laying in bed the entire day. Hang in there because we are here to give you the 5 warm and delicious desserts from Astoria restaurants that will uplift your spirits in this cold holiday season.

Portuguese Egg Tart

Get ready to have your energy boosted with our bite-sized, yet incredibly tasty, pieces of Portuguese Egg Tart! Deliciously crafted with fresh milk, egg, special vanilla extract, and premium cream, these drool-worthy treats offer a perfect amount of sweetness that will satiate your holiday dessert cravings!

Another luscious kind of dessert to treat yourself to is a box of Astoria’s delectable Brownies! This classic yet top-notch creation is set to provide you with a satisfying dose of chocolatey flavors in a chewy and fudgy texture. Grab a box (or two!) and share them with your loved ones!

Whenever we hear the word “Christmas” or “simbang gabi,” we immediately think of our favorite Pinoy delicacies! Well, Astoria’s Misa de Gallo Favorites have it all in one delicious box! Combined with the best-selling varieties of Astoria Bibingka (Traditional, Dulce de Leche, and Ube) as well as Puto Bumbong, you will feel the warmth of the Yuletide season with every taste of our unique traditional Filipino desserts. Try them now!

Indulge your taste buds in one of the best-selling creations of Astoria, the Buko Langka Pie! If you are a coconut lover, then this yummy treat is for you! It is loaded with creamy coconut meat and mouthwatering jackfruit bits for that delightful fruity twist. Once tasted, you’ll definitely be energized and have a productive day during this bed-weather season. Just don’t forget to pair it with your favorite coffee drink!

A true fanatic of chocolate and banana-flavored desserts? This freshly baked Banana Choco Pecan Loaf is exactly what you need! Packed with delish banana bits and premium pecan nuts, plus dark chocolate hints for that bittersweet taste, you may now conquer the cold Christmas season with every guilt-free bite of this exquisite goodie!  

There you have it! We hope that these desserts will make your holiday season a lot warmer! Aside from these decadent desserts, there are more luscious gourmet take-aways in Metro Manila that you should try and purchase for your Christmas feast. Just visit our e-commerce to order food online at, and have a sweet and fun-filled Yuletide celebration! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!