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Delicious Astoria Takeaways You Can Enjoy While on the Road

Some of the most stunning staycation spots and entertainment facilities are starting to accommodate guests again this holiday season. With this, we know how much preparation is needed for your upcoming adventure travel, especially if you are planning to take an exhilarating road trip with family and friends. Aside from packing your personal essential items, finalizing your itinerary, and checking the condition of the vehicle that you’ll be traveling on, you would also need to make sure that you have enough supplies of easy-to-eat food throughout the course of your fun journey. Just right on time, we’ve listed the best well-packed gourmet takeaways in Metro Manila that you can enjoy while on the road!

1.) Ube Cheese Deluxe Pandesal

For most Filipinos, pandesal has been a staple in their daily diet, which is in fact, their main substitute for rice. Well, with Astoria’s genius pastry creation, you wouldn’t need to deal with the hassle of bringing separate bottled spreads just to make your breakfast or afternoon snack experience a little more delicious. The sweet and tangy combination of ube and cheese in this cloud-like bread is enough to capture your taste buds and keep you energized during your road trip.

2.) Pork Asado Bun

This is the perfect treat for all pork lovers! Loaded with savory pork filling and tasty hard-boiled eggs that are enveloped by gleaming golden crust, a box of scrumptious Pork Asado Buns is guaranteed to make your belly full. Yummy!

3.) Cheesy Pork Empanada

Nobody can resist the cheesy goodness of our carefully crafted Cheesy Pork Empanada! Made with the right amount of ground lean pork, hard-boiled eggs, and luscious cheddar and mozzarella cheese, this mouthwatering bread masterpiece from Astoria is the ultimate kid-friendly snack to munch on!

4.) Cookie Bite Samplers

Looking for the best way to satiate your sweet tooth after an afternoon treat? Go for our Cookie Bite Samplers! Fully packed with Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies, we bet you’ll be obsessed in just one or two bites! So, make sure to order sufficient samplers for everybody to enjoy during the trip.

5.) Brownies

Another equally delightful dessert is Astoria’s succulent Brownies. Whether you’re basking in the beautiful view from your car seat, listening to music, or having a catch-up session with family and friends, this classic, chocolatey goodie will turn your ordinary quest into a special one!

6.) Apple Chips

Of course, a passenger’s fun road trip experience will never be complete without movie-watching. To make your movie streaming even more thrilling, our delish Apple Chips are ready to satisfy your culinary cravings! Savor this healthy yet tasty treat to your heart’s content without guilt!

Astoria restaurants never fail to amaze everyone in terms of making unique and exquisite specialties. Order all our ready-to-eat snack creations via our website at and we will deliver them in time for your road trip adventures.

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