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Meet the Astoria Triple Bibingcake: Your Favorite Delicacy, Powered Up!

The pandemic drastically changed the way we live. It’s been more than a year since it started, and we know you already miss your old routine, such as going out with your friends or family and dining in at your favorite restaurant. If you were a regular at Café Astoria, we’re certain you miss enjoying our well-loved bibingka, while being serenaded by our band. If you are not familiar with this dessert, bibingka is an all-time favorite Filipino delicacy made with glutinous rice.

But have you ever wondered how a classic bibingka will taste like when prepared as a cake? Wonder no more, because Astoria just created the dessert of your dreams!

Yes, you heard that right! Astoria leveled up your favorite bibingka by creating an indulgent cake that’s perfect for occasions of all kinds! We are thrilled to introduce to you our newest and most luscious gourmet creation yet, the Astoria Triple Bibingcake!

What makes Astoria Triple Bibingcake unique? This genius dessert offers the exquisite combination of all our best-selling Astoria Bibingka variants in one cake! Yes, you may now have a taste of Traditional, Dulce de Leche, and Ube in each bite!

Aside from combining the heavenly goodness of all three Astoria Bibingkas, it also has scrumptious macapuno strings and leche flan fillings! Topped and garnished with cheese, salted eggs, ube halaya, and leche flan bits, this cake makes for a phenomenal gourmet combination!

Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings or give a thoughtful and delicious present to your loved ones on their special day, the Astoria Triple Bibingcake is the perfect choice! Have it and the other best-selling gourmet takeaways in Metro Manila delivered to the comfort of your home when you order food online via our website:!

Have a delightful and delicious day ahead!