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The Best Father’s Day Feast: 5 Sweet and Savory Treats To Surprise Dad With

Father’s Day is just around the corner! And while a dedication card with a bottle of sparkling wine makes for a good gift option, the best way to a man’s heart, as they say, is still through his stomach! And we know your dad is no different! That is why we are so sure that gourmet dishes will always be the most effective way to express your love for him! A delicious spread will also make his Father’s Day celebration even more delightful! 

Although dine-in options aren’t possible yet, this should not hinder you from having a meaningful feast this Father’s Day. The perfect way to do this is to order food online and surprise your dad with the best gourmet food in Metro Manila – the delectable choices from Astoria Gourmet Take-aways! Here, we listed the best Fiesta Favorite dishes and most indulgent desserts that your dad will definitely love: 

The go-to gourmet gift to make Father’s Day extra meaningful will always be, without a doubt, a cake! So, with that, make him feel appreciated with our unique and scrumptious Pancit Canton Fiesta Cake. Sealed with delicious lumpiang shanghai and topped with flavorful shrimp, fried vegetables, and crunchy bagnet, for sure this extraordinary creation will be on his mind for months!

If he is a veggie lover, then this is the perfect dish for him – the healthy and very delicious Fresh Vegetable Lumpia with Soya Peanut Sauce crafted with fresh greens and ingredients such as lettuce, cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, and heart of palm. This is the perfect treat for your health-conscious dad. After all, doctor’s orders and his strict diet should still come first! No worries, our fresh lumpia offers the best of both worlds – it’s packed with nutrients and extra yummy, too!

Throwing a big celebration for dad? We got you covered! The crowd-favorite Trio Bilao (Spaghetti, Pancit Canton with Bagnet, and Fried Chicken) and Quadro Bilao (Barbeque, Pancit Canton, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Palabok) are ready to sate the hunger of groups of up to 8 to 12 guests! Just pair them with soft drinks or beer, and you’re all set for a fiesta!

Astoria Triple Bibingcake

A feast won’t be complete without sweet desserts on the table, and our newest and sweetest Astoria Triple Bibingcake will surely do the trick! Featuring the delicious combination of three Astoria Bibingka flavors (Traditional, Ube and Dulce de Leche), filled with luscious leche flan and macapuno strings, and topped with mouth-watering ube, cheese and salted eggs, you can have a royal celebration at home! This is the kind of delicacy that dad can pair with his favorite cup of coffee while having a noteworthy conversation with the whole family. 

You can count on the all-time favorite Buko Langka Pie to indulge dad’s dessert cravings! With its finest ingredient of coconut meat filled with creamy jackfruit, plus the golden-brown crust for an appetizing look, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the best-selling gourmet takeaways Astoria has! 

Excited to make it a day dad will never forget? Grab all of these and other Astoria’s gourmet creations by visiting our website and ordering his favorites at