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Throwing a Celebration? Try Serving These Awesome Astoria Bilaos for Your Guests!

It is 2021, and there are a lot of things to celebrate this year. Birthdays, anniversaries, work promotions, and getting that final vaccination against COVID-19! With these victories, people need to revel and dine on the most scrumptious of foods!

Even with the limitations caused by the pandemic, that did not stop Astoria from bringing the fiesta to your home! With its seamless online ordering and gourmet food delivery system in Metro Manila, Astoria removes the hassle and lets you dazzle with yummy Pinoy favorites!


Think of any popular food dynamic duos and you will get burger and fries, spaghetti and meatballs, and pasta and cheese! For most Filipinos, that dream combo comes in the form of pancit and barbecues, and Filipino-style spaghetti and chicken!

Astoria takes it a step further with its Duo Bilaos! Each is packed with familiar flavors reminiscent of that festive gathering without breaking the bank. Ready for that intimate fete? Order a Duo Bilao now!


For those of you with a bigger family tree, a trio of goodness like Astoria’s Trio Bilao of spaghetti, pancit canton with bagnet, and fried chicken will surely turn a quarantine family celebration into a fun and full party! This bilao variant is the ideal choice for people wanting a mix of Filipino favorites with an Italian twist! Make this delectable circle of goodness yours by ordering here!


Whether it is a small wedding or a special gathering, foodie duty calls for a variety of cuisines to satisfy grumbling tummies! Astoria’s Quadro Bilao is here to the rescue with its pancit canton with bagnet, pancit palabok, lumpiang shanghai, and pork barbecue! Even choosy guests will have their mouths watering over this jumbo fiesta favorite! Ready for that ultimate festive foodie feel? Let us help you out by having you click here!

It is wonderful to have choices, right? Be it small or big, Astoria’s Bilao will surely tickle those tastebuds and bring you into a festive mood! Order food online with us today!