You are currently viewing Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Astoria Gourmet Take-aways Creations – Part 2

Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Astoria Gourmet Take-aways Creations – Part 2

In the first article, “Spotted: Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Astoria Gourmet Take-aways Creations – Part 1“, you found out the first 5 famous actors and actresses who got obsessed with Astoria’s specialties. In this second part of the blog, we will reveal the next 5 showbiz personalities who were stunned by the authentic flavors and creative presentations of the goodies from Astoria Gourmet Take-aways!

6. Iya Villania-Arellano

We cannot deny that the world-class flavor and brilliant arrangement of our Pancit Canton Fiesta Cake continue to win people’s taste buds, even Ms. Iya Villania-Arellano’s! Sealed with the gem of every Filipino party, lumpiang shanghai, the TV host, and actress was amazed by its exquisite taste. Try and see it for yourself, as well!

7. Ruffa Gutierrez

Presenting the Miss World Second Runner-Up and actress, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez, with Astoria’s flavorful creations! Like Ms. Ruffa, you can also take your celebrations at home up a notch when you order our Quadro Bilao Special and Pancit Canton Fiesta Cake!

8. Joross Gamboa

What first comes to your mind when you hear the words “finest Filipino food”? Well, for the TV actor and model, Mr. Joross Gamboa, it would be our beloved Quadro Bilao Special and Astoria Triple Bibingcake! Both crafted to perfection, we are proud to say that even the most discerning palate won’t be able to resist. Thumbs up for that!

9. Janno Gibbs

Celebrating your special day soon? Just like the singer and songwriter, Mr. Janno Gibbs, allow us to make your occasion even more memorable with our mouthwatering creations in a box or bilao! Whether it’s our Quadro Bilao Special, Astoria Triple Bibingcake, Buko Langka Pie, Pancit Canton Fiesta Cake, or all of the above, you are definitely in for a treat! Yum!

10. Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo

Last but not least is the GMA actress and TV Host, Ms. Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo! Just by looking at her beautiful smile, you can tell how happy she was to get her hands on the sumptuous specialties prepared by Astoria. Yes, you won’t be able to stop yourself from showing your brightest grin when you receive our culinary creations.

There is no doubt that Astoria restaurants never fail to produce the best gourmet takeaways in Metro Manila. So, this holiday season, do not miss savoring the best treats from Astoria with your family, friends, and colleagues! You may order food online here!