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4 Reasons Why Minami Saki Sushi Boat To Go Is the Perfect Treat for Dad!

The time has finally come for you to prepare the best gastronomic experience for your dad’s special day! You might be thinking about what to give him that will satisfy his appetite but at the same time, will fit your budget without the hassle of going out and lining up for your order. Say no more! Our Minami Saki Sushi Boat To Go is the perfect treat to make your Father’s Day celebration an extraordinary one! Here are the reasons why you should buy this for your dad:

1. A wide array of world-class gourmet selection

You have the freedom to choose your own combination of sushi and sashimi specialties. Whether you prefer Aburi Sushi, Tempura Maki, California Maki, Salmon Sashimi, or one of our creations, we won’t stop you from ordering all your dad’s favorites!

2. Unique and handy packaging

The first impression lasts! We always make sure that the presentation of our goodies is aesthetically pleasing to our customers. Your chosen creations will be placed in a novel black Sushi Boat package, enclosed with a transparent cover and a stylish ribbon. How pretty!

3.  Price that suits your budget

Our Sushi Boat To Go may be prestigious in terms of its delicious food treats, but the price of this product only ranges from P 1,200 to P 2,000, depending on your selection. You’ll never regret ordering this – its exquisiteness is surely worth every penny!

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4. Convenient delivery service

To keep you safe from the virus, we are providing food delivery in Pasig and other areas in Metro Manila. With this, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. We will have your ordered Minami Saki Sushi Boat To Go delivered to your dad in time for Father’s Day. Just head to our website or contact us at +63 998-843-6298 or +632 5335-1107.

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Here’s to a memorable Father’s Day feast! Itadakimasu!