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5 Reasons Why Minami Saki’s Sushi Boat is Simply the Best!

The New Year is here, and you might be wondering what the best way is to make 2022 an extraordinary chapter of your life. Well, this is your chance to turn your last year’s tedious everyday routine into an exciting and refreshing journey this 2022 with Minami Saki’s famous Sushi Boat! Here are 5 interesting reasons why you should relish this Japanese specialty. 

1.) Freedom to choose your selections 

While other restaurants have a fixed menu of food, customers have the freedom to mix and match their preferred sushi and sashimi selections to place in the boat when they order online via Minami Saki’s website. We all know that every individual has different tastes and cravings, so if you have a discerning palate and you’re that type of person who is very particular about what food to eat, then this arrangement is for you!

2.) World-class Japanese creations

Perfectly crafted by our friendly and well-trained chefs, expect to receive your selected sushi and sashimi favorites at their finest quality. Even celebrities and VIPs are amazed by the unique taste and soft texture of Minami Saki’s delicious rolls. You may check this blog to know who these popular influencers are.

3.) World-class Japanese creations

Photo by: What To Eat PH

As the specialties are placed in a beautiful wooden boat, it makes the entire food package more stylish and appealing. Show your best pose with our Sushi Boat, and you are in for ultimate Instagrammable shots!

4.) Privilege to order according to budget

Given that you are free to pick your own selection of sushi and sashimi combinations, you are also not constrained to achieve your well-deserved gastronomic feast according to your budget. The minimum order for the Small Sushi Boat is Php 2,000, while Php 4,000 for the Big Sushi Boat. We won’t mind if you go beyond the cost of minimum orders. As they say, the more, the merrier!

5.) Convenient delivery service

You wouldn’t need to deal with the hassle of traffic because we are offering the most reliable Japanese restaurant delivery in Metro Manila. You heard that right. To keep you safe and free from troubles, we will deliver your favorite dishes to your doorsteps! Just make sure to order one day in advance.

You have every reason to try Minami Saki’s Sushi Boat! Don’t hesitate to order this unique masterpiece for you deserve to celebrate 2022 with premium Japanese food!

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