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6 Indulgent Minami Saki Dishes to Treat Yourself With

There are only a few months left before your most-awaited favorite season of the year comes! Of course, we have prepared your best selections ahead of time, so you can plan out your New Normal celebrations without hassle. Discover which of our world-class specialties will suit you and your loved one’s tastes, including your holiday theme, by taking advantage of our Japanese food/cuisine delivery in Metro Manila.

Here are some of our indulgent gourmet creations to treat yourself with for your exciting ‘Ber’ events!

1. Minami Saki Sushi Boat To Go

Customize your own Sushi Boat! You have the freedom to select your ultimate culinary set of sushi and sashimi specialties to fill in our novel boat package. Isn’t it exciting? The selection ranges from our feast-worthy maki rolls and Aburi Sushi to tuna, salmon, and lapu-lapu sashimi treats. You may avail of the minimum order for only Php 1,200. Come, and sail away to Japan right from your home with this masterful gastronomic fare!

2. U.S. Scallops with Tamago Sauce

Treat your taste buds to the savory flavors of the sea! If seafood is your jam at the party, then you wouldn’t want to miss this deliciously unique offering. Just make sure to pour the special egg sauce into Minami Saki’s delightful pieces of scallops for that memorable epicurean experience!

3. Aburi Sushi

“What is your most recommended dish?” This is the first question that would probably pop up, which you would ask a prestigious restaurant when you encounter a lot of delicious options. Well, Aburi Sushi is definitely the answer! Popular among VIPs and celebrities, it is a signature flavorful dish catered to all adventurous palates. We are offering luscious variants of slightly burned sushi masterpieces such as salmon, tuna, lapu-lapu, and eel with our secret aburi sauce!

4. U.S. Teppanyaki Steaks

Meat-lover? Our mouthwatering U.S. Teppanyaki Steaks are set to fulfill your carnivorous cravings! Best paired with rice, your appetite is sure to be fueled with our U.S. Tenderloin, U.S. Angus Sirloin, and U.S. Angus Tenderloin Teppanyaki!

5. Japanese Udon/Soba

As the holiday season approaches, the cooler the atmosphere gets. Don’t worry! Carefully cooked with premium vegetables and tasty seafood or meat slices, our luscious Yasai Udon, Kaisen Udon, and Gyuniku Udon will do the trick to warm your belly!

6. Japanese Cheesecake

The most decadent dessert in town awaits your sweet tooth! Cap off your feast with our cloud-soft Japanese Cheesecake! Strewn with cherries and chocolate curls, this delightful treat makes for a dreamy holiday celebration at home!

Don’t wait for us to be sold out before you try our world-class takeaway specialties! No need to deal with the hassle and bustle of the city by driving to Astoria restaurants. With just a few clicks, you are ready to enjoy your Japanese favorites, together with loved ones!

To order, you may reach out to our F&B Team at (+63) 998.843.6298 or (02) 5335.1107.