You are currently viewing Eat While Working: Minami Saki Dishes That You Can Enjoy From Your Workstation!

Eat While Working: Minami Saki Dishes That You Can Enjoy From Your Workstation!

There is no doubt that urgent tasks and too many deadlines at work are some of the causes of extreme stress. No worries! We know that you have no time to cook or search for items to eat for your lunch or dinner, so to help alleviate your stress a little, we have already prepared a list of your Japanese favorites from Minami Saki by Astoria. What makes it even more convenient is that they are offering food delivery in Pasig and in other parts of the metro! Here are some of their best dishes that you can enjoy from your workstation:

1. Sushi Boat To Go

Get all your sushi and sashimi cravings in one boat! Just tick off the box beside your preferred selection through our e-commerce site, and you will certainly be more productive as you indulge in this genius creation. With its practical yet novel package, you won’t need to pay a deposit fee.

2. Ebi Tempura

Delicious shrimp dipped in light golden batter and deep fried until perfectly crispy? Yes, please! Combat the pressure from work by taking a quick break with this delicious specialty! If you’re a seafood lover, then this famous Japanese treat is a surefire way to satiate your appetite.

3. Moriawase Sashimi Take

Our Moriawase Sashimi Take is composed of authentic sashimi like tuna, salmon, lapu-lapu, shime saba, and squid. This masterpiece is perfectly crafted for those who are fond of Japanese treats, yet want to stick to their fitness regimen. So, even while you’re busy at work, you may still maintain your healthy lifestyle when you order this bestseller.

4. U.S. Scallops with Tamago Sauce

You won’t regret trying this crowd-favorite gourmet dish – truth be told! Served in special egg sauce, our premium U.S. scallops are exactly what you need while you’re on back-to-back virtual meetings with the big bosses.

5. Unaju

Looking for the best ready-to-eat meal set? Go for Minami Saki’s scrumptious Unaju! Topped with grilled eel and served with pickles, miso soup, and assorted fruits, your typical work routine will surely be an extraordinary one!

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