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Minami Saki Dishes That You Can Enjoy After a Long Day at Work!

Juggling urgent tasks, meeting deadlines, and handling big projects at work can be exhausting at times. With all of these going on, we understand that some of you either don’t have time to cook or are looking for good food to savor after a long day at work.

No worries, we have you covered! Check out these Minami Saki dishes that are perfect for stress-eating and cheat days alike!

1. Big Sushi Boat

Know that it is important to reward yourselves after finishing your tasks; you deserve it! If your team wants to hang out after work, the Big Sushi Boat is just the perfect thing! By ordering this, you and your colleagues can savor all your sushi and sashimi cravings in one magnificent boat. You will certainly be satisfied after you indulge in this genius creation. With its practical yet novel package, you won’t need to pay a deposit fee.

2. Ebi Tempura

Tempura is the ultimate example of comfort food. It’s Japanese, it’s seafood, and it’s just so good! You can enjoy this delicious treat with a cup of steamy rice or savor it up as it is. The best part of this meal experience is that you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to try one of their best comfort dishes!

3. Yasai Udon/Soba

After a long and tiring day at work, all you need is something hot and savory to remind you of what hugs feel like if they were a meal. Minami Saki by Astoria’s Yasai Udon/Soba definitely hits different! This masterpiece is perfectly crafted for those who are fond of noodles in savory broth with fresh assorted vegetables. By ordering this dish, you get to satisfy your cravings and maintain a healthy figure.

4. Wakadori Tatsuta Age

You won’t regret trying this crowd-favorite Japanese-style fried chicken, truth be told! The intense flavor and soft crunch make the Wakadori Tatsuta Age stand out from its competition. Minami Saki wants you to enjoy chicken the best way you can – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside!

5. Japanese Mochi

After your savory meal, we are quite sure that you’ll be looking for something sweet. Go for Minami Saki’s Japanese Mochi! A small taste of indulgence will keep you motivated and happy throughout the week.

At the end of the day, the hours you have spent working are valuable. Every day is an opportunity to learn and gain new experiences, including a new culinary adventure! Hustle, relax, and eat good food! Want to know more about our offers? Click this link for a wider selection of authentic Japanese food: