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4 Flavors That Milk Tea Lovers Should Try Out

Calling all milk tea lovers out there! Feeling adventurous and in the mood to try out new milk tea flavors? We have the best recommendations for you! Cafe Astoria in Astoria Plaza, the best restaurant along Escriva Drive, offers a colorful set of delicious milk tea deliveries in Metro Manila. From all-time fan-favorite drinks to never-seen-before mixtures, you will be obsessed, indeed! Today, we will be giving you our best recommendations. Can’t wait to know the details? Great, let us get started!

OMO. Oreo and Matcha Overload

One of the perks of ordering TMI – Tea. Milk. Inspiration’s concoctions from Astoria restaurant is you get to try out unique combinations you never thought would perfectly go well together. Who would have thought that Oreo and Matcha make a great pair together? For PHP 120, you can enjoy a mixture of creamy and bitter-sweet tastes through our OMO. Oreo and Matcha Overload. Your taste buds are in for a surprise.

TC. Taro and Chocolate

Are you a fan of both taro and chocolate? Ever wondered what would it taste like when mixed? Ask no more! We have experimented on it ourselves and arrived at the best drink you could ever have! Introducing the TC. Taro and Chocolate, your dream concoction brought to life. For PHP 100, indulge in the sweetness and nuttiness of our delicious creation. Be ready to cross it out of your bucket list by ordering this drink now!

SMC. Salt to My Caramel

Would you believe us if we were to tell you that salt and caramel go hand in hand? The only way to find out is by ordering our SMC. Salt to My Caramel! For PHP 100, experience the sweet and piquant flavors of this ultimate refreshment! Yes, you may enjoy it while on a long road trip or watching your favorite movie with your significant other. Sweet and salty cannot be beaten, indeed!

LOL. Living On Latte

Both a milk tea and coffee lover? Now is your chance to enjoy milk tea and coffee in one lusciously made drink! Choose our LOL. Living On Latte – the perfect mix of brown sugar and coffee in your favorite beverage. For PHP 130, get that much-needed boost of energy to help you get through the day. Believe in the power of the sugar rush!

Eager to try out these unique flavors? Order via our website at and experience the most convenient milk tea online delivery service today. With this, you are able to both save up your gas and enjoy your favorite sweet concoction. It is a win-win situation!

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