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5 Best Thirst-Quenching Drinks for Coffee and Milk Tea Lovers!

Your laptop is on, and your special projects and urgent tasks await you in your workstation. However, you do not have the energy yet that you need to keep yourself wide awake and productive amidst the rainy season. No worries! Our phenomenal, caffeinated drinks and milk tea concoctions from T.M.I – Tea. Milk. Inspiration., which offers the best milk tea delivery in Metro Manila will help boost your workdays! Here are some of our best thirst-quenching creations that you must try!

1. LOL. Living On Latte

Coffee and milk tea in one? Yes, you can enjoy it yourself with our LOL. Living On Latte drink! It is a genius combination of brown sugar and coffee that is set to give you that much-needed sugar rush as you juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines. You may avail of this in the 16 oz. size for only P130.00 and in the 22 oz. size for only P150.00.

2. OMO. Oreo and Matcha Overload

While the first type of drink is perfect for coffee lovers, this second type of refreshment is the ideal beverage for adventurous people! The extraordinary mix of Oreo bits and matcha flavor will make you fall head over heels with this unique flavor profile! You’ll forget the stress brought by your heavy workload when you order this item! It is available in the 16 oz. size at P120.00 and the 22 oz. Size.6 at P140.00.

3. CEO. Cheesecake, Every One?

Feel like a true boss as you sip your way through a busy day with our CEO. Cheesecake, Every One? Specialty! You won’t be able to resist the yummy goodness of brown sugar and cheesecake in this tasty creation! Whether you’re in a face-to-face meeting or working from home, nothing can perk up your mind better than enjoying the best milk tea in town. Grab this in the 16 oz. size at P130.000 and 22 oz. size at P150.00.

4. TC. Taro and Chocolate

Let us satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! The finest blend of taro and chocolate in this concoction is a winning treat, indeed! Be energized by this milk tea specialty and you’ll surely be ready to come up with creative ideas for your upcoming presentations or reports. You may order this in the 16 oz. at P100.00 and the 22 oz. size at P120.00.

5. LMAO. Love Mango Always, Okay?

Of course, we also have a special treat available for fruit lovers! If you’re obsessed with sweet fruit-flavored beverages, then this item will be your favorite! The exquisite hints of mango and cheesecake are too delicious not to relish! Drift away from work pressure when you indulge in this decadent refreshment. Add the 16 oz. size to your online cart for only P120.00 and the 22 oz. size for only P140.00.

Reached this part of the blog? Then you’re set to choose your selections from TMI – Tea. Milk. Inspiration. Just visit and expect the most convenient delivery from Astoria restaurants to your doorsteps. Wishing for a remarkable discount? Save 15% off your orders when you sign up for a vacation club membership with Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc (AVLCI). Remember to be careful of fake Astoria scam stories and contact our staff directly via our official website at

We hope you enjoy your memorable milk tea experience with us, bestea!