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Mid-week Blues: 5 Coffee Concoctions to Help You Get Through the Week.

Coffee has always been the go-to and well-loved beverage of many people, a perfect drink for any time or occasion. Whether for breakfast, snacks, or just for your quality me-time moment, enjoying a piping hot or rejuvenating iced coffee is the best way to boost your day. Without a doubt, this caffeinated drink proves to be the most popular beverage to help wake people up in the world.

For some people, coffee helps them relieve stress and focus on their tasks. So, if you have been feeling blue lately due to the gravity of work, lack of sleep, or emotional stress, then these coffee concoctions are the perfect refreshers to help you get through the week! Check out these 5 unique and delectable TMI creations available via milk tea delivery straight from Astoria restaurants!

Feeling dull? Sip on our special “AMA. All Mocha Anytime!” drink to perk yourself up! It is made with an extra shot of espresso packed with mocha that will get you going through those rough mornings. You won’t be able to resist the sweetness and creaminess, too, once you have tried it. It has that “cup of joe“ taste that is so good to drink, especially when icy cold!

If you are looking for inventive yet tasty coffee mixtures that can be delivered via milk tea delivery in Manila, you would want to place “BTS. Bring That Strawberry” at the top of that list. The delicious blend of strawberry and coffee flavors topped with whipped cream in a cup will give you that absolute balance of this sweet and tangy experience. It is time to be a stan of our BTS refresher!

Good vibes begin with countless sips of BFF. Bomb Frappe Forever! This genius brew lets you indulge in the incredible fusion of gratifying chocolate and light coffee flavor! No matter where you are, it is set to brighten up your mood! You are sure to fall in love and grin from ear to ear with this melt-in-your-mouth treat as it stimulates your palate. Cheers!

Savor the chocolatey burst of caffeine with our rich and sweet “JWU. Java With U Frappuccino”! Served with a decadent blend of chocolate and a heartier infusion of coffee, each sip of this luscious concoction is ready to keep your mind and body alert for your work-from-home meetings. Don’t forget to pair it with some yummy snacks, too!  

Indulge yourself without guilt in “YMCA. You Make Caramel Awesome!” The perfect combo of rich and creamy coffee and caramel flavors, topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup, will give you that much-needed energy to conquer the day! This delicious refresher is a must-try!

Now that you have discovered the best selections of coffee specialties from TMI, you are ready to defeat the mid-week blues this ‘Ber’ season! Order milk tea online now!

 Have a delicious and sweet coffee milk tea experience, besteas!