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TMI Drinks to Help You Make Those Work/Study Nights More Awesome

The new year has arrived, and you are once again back to your usual scenario of attending online school or dealing with presentations and paperwork at your job. After that long and fun holiday break, tasks are starting to pile up, and you need to do an all-nighter just to beat the deadline. Your late-night sessions might cause you to be heavy-eyed during the wee hours with fast dwindling energy level. But, there is no need to worry! We got you a list of the best TMI drinks, which are sure to help you accomplish your all-nighter duties!

FOMO. Full-On Matcha Obsession!

If you are a matcha drink lover, get yourself this very tasty and energy-booster FOMO. Full-On Matcha Obsession! With the powerful fusion of milk and matcha tea, your work at night will certainly be refreshingly productive.

LMK. Love that Mocha Kick!

In need of a caffeine boost? Then LMK. Love that Mocha Kick is the perfect drink for you! The luscious taste of caramel and mocha infused into iced coffee will make you tick off those unchecked boxes on your to-do list. Enjoy this with some delicious snacks, too!

BTS. Bring That Strawberry

Late-night work sessions will never be complete without having this drool-worthy refresher, BTS. Bring That Strawberry! Yes, this drink will energize you enough to finish the job. It is made with the delicious combination of coffee and strawberry to give you an extra kick in every sip!

CEO. Cheescake, Every One?

If you are the type of person who loves a creamy thirst-quencher, our CEO milk tea should be on your working table. The perfect blend of brown sugar and cheesecake is the key to helping you focus and win the night! Cheesecake, Every One? 

GTG. Green Tea Goodness

Are you a fan of green tea drinks? GTG. Green Tea Goodness is the right match for you! Recharge yourself with this tasty drink that is generously crafted with green tea and cheesecake flavor. Once tried, you will fall in love and make this your go-to drink!

And there you have it! Make sure to include these TMI drinks in your list and be ready to purchase each of them for a fulfilling late-night work/study session. TMI – Tea. Milk. Inspirations. offers a hassle-free milk tea delivery in Metro Manila straight from Astoria restaurants.