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Valentine’s Meal Delivery: Astoria’s Gourmet Takeaways

In the pre-“new normal” days, some of the tell-tale signs that Valentine’s Day was near were restaurants brimming with reservations, people scouring the malls to find the perfect present, and men flocking to the flower shops to buy dozens of roses. Now, because of COVID-19, the ways we will be celebrating this special day are expected to look a lot different. Shopping will be done online, and dates will be set at home.

But with a bunch of restaurants to choose from, how will you know where to buy the best gourmet takeaways in Metro Manila? Simple, go with a tried and tested brand like Astoria.

Whether you will be celebrating the day with your beau, redefining the occasion with your family and close friends, or going solo, we have the perfect culinary idea for you! After all, there are all kinds of love in this world, and one of the best ones is love for food!

For that special someone

Nothing will ever beat the comfort that a classic cake brings. So, for that special person who feels like home, give him/her our Ube Macapuno Cake. Sweet and yummy, it is definitely a no-fail gift option for the best partner ever!

For your bestie

Aside from delicious, your present for your best friend also has to be filling. After all, there’s a big chance you will be getting yourself a slice of that goodie too! With that said, we’re sure he/she will love our premium breads: Banana Choco Pecan Loaf, Carrot Pumpkin Walnut Loaf, and Sultana-Raisin Bread. Each one is made with premium ingredients that even the pickiest of foodies will approve. Add a cup of their favorite coffee or milk tea and you’re good to go!

For mom and dad

Delicious treats for the best parents on Earth! Make your folks’ Valentine’s Day extra delicious with our best-selling Traditional, Dulce de Leche, and Ube Bibingkas. Each offers just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy their sweet tooth without worrying their dieticians.

For grandpa and grandma

The classic Filipino kakanin will always have a place in everyone’s hearts, including your grandparents! So, for this Valentine’s, shower them with love by sending them a box of our Ube Espasol. It is one of Astoria’s best-sellers, so we’re sure it’s bound to make you your lolo and lola‘s favorite grandchild!

For ate and kuya

It’s only fitting to give your siblings a sweet treat for always making you feel loved and seen even when it’s not Valentine’s Day. So, for the best sisters and brothers, a jar of our delicious Apple Chips is in order!

For yourself

Of course, not to be forgotten is the busy bee who is trying to fill everyone’s Valentine’s Day with love… you! Yes, you deserve a special treat, too! How about a box of our Japanese Cheesecake? We bet all that researching is making your cravings go wild!

To make your gift-giving even more convenient, order your food online! Head on over to to see our full list of offerings.

Ready to start shopping? The best Valentine’s Day treat is only a few clicks away!

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