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5 Astoria Gourmet Take-aways Dishes to Take on a Relaxing Staycation

The holiday season is right around the corner, and most people are now busy planning their next vacation with friends and family. Things might be a little tricky and hassle-filled when it comes to preparations such as searching for places, hotels, or resorts to stay in and plotting the schedules for your itinerary. Yet, the essential thing that should be jotted down is the food you will bring for that holiday vacation. Now, if you are having a hard time picking some dishes for your much-awaited getaway, hang in there – we can provide you with the list of luscious gourmet takeaways in Metro Manila that you can take on your relaxing staycation!

Level up your staycation with the best party package of every celebration, our Quadro Bilao Special! Combined with some Filipino-favorite dishes – spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken, and pancit canton with bagnet – this undeniably excellent cuisine crafted by the friendly chefs of Astoria restaurants is sure to add excitement to your dining experience from your room while on vacation. Good for 12 pax, this bilao also comes with different mixes and matches of meals, just head over to our website and select from varieties of Quadro Bilao A to E. Remember to partner this with some drinks!

Staycations will never be complete without our best-selling and decadent delicacies, Astoria Bibingka Traditional, Dulce de Leche, and Ube! These award-winning goodies are must-haves on your retreat, as you can pair them with any of your favorite drink concoctions at any time.  Grab one (or all!) and share these culinary confections with your loved ones!

Are you a buko pie lover? Relish our classic and unique Buko Langka Pie! This drool-worthy dessert is crafted with young coconut meat and flavorsome jackfruit, perfect for sharing with family while binge-watching your favorite series. What a delicious treat, right?

Be sure to add Astoria’s hearty and yummy Pork Empanada in your staycation gourmet checklist! This tasty snack is generously filled with flavorful ground pork and hard-boiled eggs that will boost your day! Imagine savoring this with your favorite coffee while enjoying the beautiful view from your room’s deck. Isn’t it just the perfect holiday experience?

Make your dream vacation a noteworthy one with every bite of our Ube Cassava Cake! This amazing cassava cake is created with purple yam jam that will definitely tickle your taste buds. We bet you and your loved ones will make the most of your staycation moments with this yummy dessert! How sweet!

Now that you have the ideal list of gourmet goodies that you can bring on your much-awaited holiday getaway, this is the time to choose according to your budget and cravings! To save you from hassle this yuletide season, let us deliver your favorite Astoria creations and other best-sellers right to your doorsteps when you order food online via our website at! 

Have a sweet and safe vacation!