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Spice Up Father’s Day with These Creative Fiesta Cakes!

A special celebration calls for special, delish creations! Father’s Day is coming, and we know how challenging it is to plan and arrange for notable events like this, especially when you genuinely want it to be extraordinary. Astoria is here to make it a bit easier for you! Here are some of our delectable cake treats that are ready to be delivered for your super dad:

1. Pancit Canton Fiesta Cake

Photo by: What To Eat PH

This specialty is not the typical cake you usually see in restaurants or food shops. Topped with delicious slices of pork bagnet and wrapped with crispy lumpiang shanghai, our Pancit Canton Fiesta Cake is made perfect for your dad’s big appetite! Whether it is for his lunch or dinner, he will certainly love this unique food gift from you.

2. Astoria Triple Bibingcake

If you are wondering what our best-selling creation is, Astoria Triple Bibingcake is the answer! Crafted with authentic Filipino ingredients like salted eggs, ube halaya, and leche flan bits and the genius combination of 3 savory flavors – Astoria Bibingka Traditional, Astoria Bibingka Ube, and Astoria Bibingka Dulce de Leche – this dessert will always be a crowd-favorite! Make sure your dad does not miss this offer, too!

3. Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Perk up your dad’s day with exquisite chocolatey goodness! Overloaded with chocolate bars and crisps, milk chocolate pearls, and lusciously covered in sweet chocolate ganache and dark chocolate glaze, this irresistible treat is sure to be your dad’s ultimate obsession!

4. Mango Cheesecake Confection

Does your dad prefer fruity flavors compared to chocolate ones? Go for Mango Cheesecake Confection! This cake sits on top of a crunchy graham cracker base, generously filled with cream cheese, and melted butter, and topped with mango bits and pistachios, ready to capture your dad’s taste buds.

5. Salted Caramel Choco Cake

This delightful dessert is set to elevate any kind of occasion! The salted caramel flavor is paired with fine Belgian dark couverture chocolate creating the perfect balance of slight bitterness and sweetness in one flavorful bite. How yummy!

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