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Beat the Heat With Minami Saki’s Best Açai Smoothies

Summertime is still here! With the rising temperatures and the scorching heat we feel nowadays, it’s a must to feel cool. And what better way to cool down than with the refreshing coolers showing up everywhere you look such as chilled beverages, iced desserts, and the like?  

Try Minami Saki’s cool offerings this summer to ward off the heat and to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well! 

Why Are Smoothies Popular?  

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But a little trivia first: did you know that smoothies rose to fame in the 1970s as a creative way to increase one’s intake of fruits and vegetables? Since then, smoothies have been a popular choice for quick pick-me-ups at breakfast or for snacking. In the summer, as a way to alleviate the heat most are experiencing, many opt for refreshing smoothies to cool down while also enjoying a boost of nutrition.

The Best Açai Smoothies 

With all this in mind, Minami Saki By Astoria has released three açai-based smoothies that you’re sure to enjoy. First is the Açai Mango-Banana Freeze, featuring the sweet notes of mango and banana infused with the tart flavor of açai berries. Second is the Açai Peachy Berry Cooler; throwing berries into the mix adds sweetness and tartness to the smoothie, blending well with the acidic, sweet taste of the peaches. Lastly, there’s the Açai Frosty Mango Lychee, which combines the popular tropical fruit mango with the sweet and fragrant lychee.

Other Tempting Offers Awaiting 

Minami Saki also offers great-tasting Japanese dishes that you can refreshingly order alongside the smoothies. There’s the cold soba, giving you a light yet sweet taste that’s just perfect for the season; the famed sushi and sashimi of the resto, which feel so fresh that they melt in your mouth; fresh fruits and juices to bring balance and quench that summer thirst; plus many more that’ll surely tick off all the cravings boxes of your palate. 

Whatever treat you choose to go with in the end, it’s very important to stay hydrated in this hot summer season. Feel free to browse through Astoria Gourmet Take-aways’ other offerings to discover more delicious options perfect for summer enjoyment. Simply visit  

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