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The Perfect Sweets to Treat Yourself With

Are you a loyal customer of the Astoria restaurants or were you convinced by one of your close friends to try our dishes? Either way, you do not have to worry about visiting our establishments just to eat our dishes because we offer gourmet food delivery in Metro Manila. For starters, how about choosing from our dessert menu? Everyone loves desserts, so why not treat yourself to our sweet delights?

Need a recommendation? This blog will help you out in choosing the right sweets that will surely bring a smile on your face.

Cookie Bite Samplers

Let us start with the basics first. Cookies are well known all over the world, so it is only fair for us to include it in our menu. This pack contains Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, but we always go the extra mile by adding in two other varieties, namely the Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and the Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies. Your new favorite flavor is just waiting to be discovered!

Apple Chips

If you are more of a fruit lover, then may we suggest Astoria’s very own Apple Chips? With the pleasing crunch of a chip and the mouth-watering sweetness of an apple, this snack is to crave for! Eating healthy has never tasted this delicious before.

Japanese Cheesecake

Are you possibly craving for a cake? Inspired by the dessert from the Land of the Rising Sun is Astoria’s Japanese Cheesecake. With texture so soft, it is like cutting through nothing. Plus, its tasty mixture of cream cheese and hint of lemon will make a lasting impression to your taste buds. It will leave you asking for more.

Astoria Bibingka Ube

Want a sweet dish that is more on the local side? Then the Astoria Bibingka Ube is the perfect dessert for you. Instead of serving the traditional rice cake, we decided to spice up this famous Filipino dessert by adding both ube and cheese into the mix. It was deemed as “one of the best desserts of the Philippines in 2018” for a reason. This will definitely be the highlight of your dinner!

To sweeten the deal, members of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc (AVLCI) get a discount when ordering these treats. For more information, visit our sister company’s website at

These delicious desserts and more can be found at our website. To order food online, visit and satisfy your cravings today!