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Stave Off the Cold Season with These Warm and Uplifting Minami Saki Dishes!

December is finally here! This calls for joyful celebrations and exciting gatherings that you’ve been waiting for after many months of being on self-quarantine. However, we all know that this most wonderful time of the year is also the coldest season in our country. So, to make the Christmas atmosphere a little warmer, we’ve prepared the most delicious Japanese specialties for your New Normal occasion! Here is the list of our world-class dishes you should try this holiday!

1.) Minami Saki Sushi Boat To Go

Who doesn’t love being able to choose and customize his/her own set of Japanese favorites, right? Through our e-commerce website, you can fill in our handy black boat vessel with your preferred combinations of sushi and sashimi creations. Since there is no deposit fee needed, this is also a perfect holiday gift for your dearest ones!

2 .) Japanese Udon/Soba

You wouldn’t be able to resist our special udon/soba fusions! Served with premium noodles in hot piping soup, our Yasai, Kaisen, and Gyuniku Udon/Soba are sure to hit the spot! If you’re looking for comfort food to indulge in while watching an anime or K-drama series with family and friends, then you must definitely go for our finest soup masterpieces!

3.) Japanese Rice Meals

A fulfilling gastronomic journey is what you’ll surely experience when you order our exquisite Japanese rice meals! If you are a meat-lover, then go for our Katsuju. This savory gourmet meal is topped with deep-fried pork loin topped with fluffy eggs. Of course, we also have specialties for those who are on a pescatarian diet or fanatics of seafood. Served with assorted tempura, our scrumptious Tenju is sure to give you that unique taste of the ocean! Another premium seafood meal is Minami Saki’s Unaju. Deliciously topped with grilled eel, this dish is set to take your taste buds to the shores of Japan!

4.) Usuyaki Steak with Mushroom

Beef, please! When talking about best-selling dishes, expect that our Usuyaki Steak with Mushroom is always included in the list. Made with U.S. striploin teppanyaki and assorted mushrooms, we bet you’ll be obsessed with its authentic fire-grilled flavors!

5.) Soft Shell Crab Karaage

Tasty crabs for holidays? Sounds like a plan! Bring out those banana leaves because you’re about to enjoy that iconic seafood boodle feast with this ultimate deep-fried dish! Served with ponzu sauce, our Soft Shell Crab Karaage is set to bring a memorable crustacean adventure in the comforts of your home.

6.) Ebi Tempura

Nothing can beat this classic! Our ever-famous Ebi Tempura is the absolute go-to food for both adults and kids. Whether you pair it with rice or simply enjoy it as a snack, it will always leave you happy and content.

Still can’t decide which among of our delectable dishes you should pick for Christmas and New Year? Don’t worry! We have more selections on our website at Just order online and we guarantee a hassle-free Japanese food/cuisine delivery in Metro Manila. You may also contact our team at (+63) 998 843 6298 or (+632) 5335 1107. Aside from our Japanese cuisine, we also prepared other delightful treats right from Astoria restaurants at

Merry Feastmas, everyone!